Start Writing Fiction

Today I joined a course on starting to write fiction. I’m coming to the end of my criminology degree and I think I’m the type of person who will need to have something to do , or else I’ll do nothing ,and this sounded really good, so each week I’m going to try and post the task I’ve been given. I would appreciate any feedback given 🙂


My first task was to write two paragraphs of about 100 words each. One paragraph needed to have one fact and three fictitious statements. The second, three facts and one fictitious section. I found it difficult to write at first , I was trying to be too complicated and thinking about the end before I’d written a word.

But here it is 🙂

She carefully put the items in front of her in a cardboard box. She continued to rummage amongst the draws looking endlessly for something she knew she would never find. She took a small step back and sat on the bed, heaving a heavy sigh, lowering her head. After what felt like hours she lifted her head back up, picking up a picture frame that was lying beside her. The couple smiling up at her through the picture were who she was looking for. A tear ran down her face as she stood up next to the draw again, knowing she would never see them again.


Looking back at the picture she noticed the smile on their faces, the gleam behind their eyes, their wrinkles becoming more prominent the longer she looked.  She silently pleaded with them, begging for them to talk, slam a door, show themselves. Anything. She waited in silence. Nothing. She placed the picture on top of the draws. The light from the sun hit the frame causing the room to be flooded with rainbows. She looked around the room, stunned by the beautiful reflections from the frame. She grinned to herself. She knew she had been heard.


If anyone would like to give me feedback or comments feel free, or if you’d like to guess which paragraph is which 🙂